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Monthly Archives: October 2007

xo give one get one

I have to admit, I seriously doubt the whole OLPC is really what children in the third world need. A friend of mine's parents run a school in east Africa, and last year we had the chance to visit the children and answer questions. Certainly the kids would enjoy/be inspired/learn from having a computer, but there's so much more to make their lives better – running water? 24 hour electricity? a Library?

So the biggest problem with it is this: kids in the third world don't have a lot and the concept of sharing is widely-practiced – ONE LAPTOP PER CLASS is plenty! Why OLPC is intent on giving EVERY child a laptop is indeed, very misguided and just reflects our consumerist values.

Okay, editorial over and I'm still hot to buy one of these (for my kids, right!?). Pay $400 and one becomes a "gift", the other to you (supposedly by xmas).

Here's the link, ordering starts Nov 12th: