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Monthly Archives: January 2009

palm pilot, 1997 -2008?

With all the news about Palm’s new webOS and Pre smartphone taking center stage, it should be noted that the Tungsten and other “stupid” devices no longer appear on Palm’s website. Is this the end of the personal organizer as we knew it? Should I ebay my Tungsten now? Will anyone remember Handspring?

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free television, part 2

I installed that EZ-HD antenna I purchased from Denny’s Antenna Service for the holidays. Wow, it all worked. Not the antenna, I had little doubt that would work, but all the RG6 cable in my house. The first time too! (NB: It’s a hell of a lot easier to cap f-connectors on RG6 cable than quad-shield, and according to Denny, that extra shielding is only necessary if you’re around high-voltage.) My digital converter box now enjoys great signal without any “cliff effect”, and I don’t have to adjust rabbit ears – in fact, I don’t have any rabbit ears! I also connected the antenna to my old Harmon Kardon receiver in the basement. I’ve never had better FM reception. In an age of cable and satellite television and radio subscriptions, we forget that, internet aside, both television and radio are still free. Viva!

sansa clip, part 2

The holidays weren't exactly packed with electronics. Back in November, I had ordered a 4GB Sansa Fuze from Dell. It was on sale for $50, so how could I resist? When it arrived, I gave it to my wife to wrap up for Xmas, still thinking the Fuze with it's MicroSD slot would be a step forward. You know what, it wasn't – I absolutely hated the user interface. Plus, the video feature was a pain; all files had to be converted with Sansa's Windows software before they could play on the device. And what was I going to watch on it anyway? So I sold the Fuze on eBay for $70.

I was still in love with my old Clip; compact, simple and intuitive ui, and great sound (check out this review on Anythingbutipod). A quick search found an 8GB model at Amazon UK (BSP Deals) for GBP36; that's about USD54, the same price for what 4GB models are going for in the US! Fortunately I also have a friend in the UK that could forward the package on to me (thanks Kevin!). Now I'm sitting pretty again with a new Sansa Clip, firmware 02.01.16 which now offers playback of FLAC encoded files, and 8GB of storage. Sweet.

BTW, I did pick up some headphones along the way, Sennheiser CX400. And my old 2GB Clip? I gave it to wife for Xmas so she could listen to music on her soon-to-be-revived morning commute (yeah, cheap-ass I know).

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