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Monthly Archives: December 2007

olpc – the ugly

been using this thing for a while. a few _major_ problems:

1. the mouse randomly jumps all over the place. this stinks. here's what olpc says:

2. the sugar "frame" keeps popping up all the time. annoying.

UPDATE: I installed xfce on it, got flash working, tried to use it as a "laptop", but am not happy at all with it. Way underpowered, small keyboard, quirky, just not for me. Sorry, look for it to be auctioned on eBay sooner or later.


olpc – got one

My OLPC XO arrived today via FedEx. Here's a first look at the unboxing:

Once you get your XO, started check out these links to get started:

OLPC Start Page and OLPC Support FAQ

A few initial observations:

1. The computer is much smaller than I imagined – not that I'm complaining. See pictures.

2. You'll more than likely need to run /sbin/ifconfig -a from terminal in order to get the MAC address of the wireless card. Look for the terminal Activity.

3. Sugar takes a little getting used to. It's a bit jumpy, and switching between applications isn't as intuitive as I would have thought (maybe I'm doing something wrong?)

4. The machine will power down all the way, but it takes a little longer than you'd expect.