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Monthly Archives: April 2012

ubuntu 12.04 LTS precise pangolin

The latest version of Ununtu Linux operating system was released today. Named "Precise Pangolin" and carrying the number 12.04, it is a LTS (long term support) release that will be supported for the next five years.

Installation was painless after a reboot of the previous 11.10 was needed to get the "Distribution Upgrade" button to show up in Update Manager. Unity is still Unity, and I'm beginning to care less and less about specific applications, themes, HUD, global menus, etc. The work is what is important. Banshee was replaced by Rhythmbox; it also crashed when I attempted to run it, so it was quickly removed. I did get a few "internal errors" when Rhythmbox did its import, but smartly enough, I was informed that they were already reported. There was also a kernel update immediately after the upgrade.

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