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Monthly Archives: February 2010

iPad’s black hole

I know, so much is being said about this already… but here's the main points: 1) it's a big iPhone, with some fancier multi-touch and a better display and 2) applications are only available via the Apps store. So as I read the chatter on the pros/cons of the device, I gotta side with the naysayers. The iPad is not revolutionary and it is not a computer; it's an appliance that continues the lockdown trend at Apple of only running "approved" applications. There's little good in that, even if the vast majority of users would never consider anything but what Apple allows.

Now, if it had OS X on it, I could run server admin tools – how cool would that be!?

Update – to further the "appliance" argument, Apple will replace the device, not battery!

Update Update – Seen it, used, etc. One critique that seems to have been complete missed by the media – it's one big money sucking black hole. Pay for that 3G plan. Buy a .mac account. Buy from iTunes. Buy apps. Buy. Buy. Bye.

Something tells me we don't need electronic devices whose sole purpose is to extra money from your wallet.

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