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the beatles, remastered

Tuesday brought news that had been rumored for years: The Beatles catalog has been remastered and is set for release this fall. As one who believes that all good music starts with the Beatles, this is big news. Reportedly, the engineers at Abbey Road have been working on it for about four years, and all 12 studio albums plus the compilation Past Masters will be boxed up for sale on on 9/9/9, the date a tribute to the late John Lennon. Also available at that time will be another box set, The Beatles In Mono, a 10 disc set compiling all the original mono releases.

There's a few things that lend the Beatles catalog to remastering. It was well-recorded for the time, and has been well-preserved since then. Add to that the substantial leaps digital technology has taken since then, and it's no wonder the results will be so eagerly awaited. If you do own any Beatles on CD, it's the original reissues that came out in 1987/8. Since then, the only retooling of their catalog apart from the Anthology series in 1996 has been the new stereo mixes of Yellow Submarine Soundtrack in 1999 and the 5.1 audio of the musical Love, in 2006. Oh yeah, and Let It Be Naked in 2003 (not hard to forget about that one). And according to the press release, the new remasters will not be available in digital form. Thankfully.

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