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windows 10, not



recaptcha 2.0

Got an email from Google about upgrading reCaptcha: “You’re receiving this email because you’re registered as a website administrator for a site that uses reCAPTCHA.” If you haven’t noticed, gone are the days with unreadable letters and house numbers, and in is a simple box asking to to check “I’m not a robot”. I upgraded my reCaptcha module on my drupal website and edited the settings.php file after installing it (depending on your version, you’ll get an error on your status page, also telling you how to correct). But it didn’t work! That’s because I needed to generate new public and private API keys for 2.0. So if you do ever get locked out by reCaptcha, you can always delete the module, login, fix what needs to be fixed and then reinstall.

On the web:
reCaptcha Developer’s Guide

dynamic dns

Most internet providers, heck, most internet connections are dynamic. Your device gets assigned an IP address when it asks for one. Sometimes it’s the same, but more often than not it might be different. DNS works by resolving a hostname like with an ip address, so everytime you type in you go to the same place.

For home computers, this can be problematic. Enter Dynamic DNS services. Every time your IP address changes, the Dynamic DNS service updates the “a record” with the new number so it can continue to resolve. Routers usually have sections to do this, which is good, because they’ll get notified first. It can also be done with other applications, or even with something like cron.

I’ve used DynDns for many years, but they’ve gone from a free service, to a paid service. Even though $5/mo might not seem like a lot, it’s a lot when you have free options. Enter DuckDNS. Although not that extensible, it’s a free service and provides exactly what I need, for free.

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