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Monthly Archives: October 2006

overall thoughts on the nokia 770

Although I haven't posted in a while, I've been using my Nokia 770 steadily at home and have made some definitive conclusions about it:

1. Text input on the 770 is the device's biggest weakness. Why? Hand-writing recognition isn't. No keypad, and it defeats the purpose of the device to use a bluetooth keyboard with it. That leaves us with tapping. Tapping is fine for urls, and a little ecommerce, but anything more than that is a real chore. Again, too bad they didn't use or mimic Palm's handwriting recognition.

2. It's a great web browser. Readable and very compatible. Great for quick looks on the web, and a lot easier to handle than a laptop. The only site I couldn't get to was my Yahoo home page (but it does work with Yahoo mail). Thanks Yahoo. The 770 works great as a remote for my Slimserver/Squeezebox.

3. Great Wifi. It just works. Wish it would automatically rejoin the last network after waking, but maybe I'm just overlooking a setting. Plus it doubles as a phone using Gizmo. Great when your in say, Amsterdam, and want to call back home for cheap!