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Monthly Archives: August 2007

palm foleo – not

There was a lot of buzz (which died off immediately) for Palm’s latest gadget, the Foleo. Billed as a “mobile companion” it’s supposed to compliment your Treo/cellphone… whatever. Looks like a nice small internet device, and I have to admit, I’ve always had a Palm, ever since US Robotics issued the Palm Pilot way back when (ten years ago to be exact)!

But the summer is almost over and still no release. Will it make me not want the Nokia N800? Looks like we’lll have to wait until October…

Palm Foleo


asus eee

This one's been circulating recently, a 7" UMPC from Asus running Linux, with a 4GB flash drive. Could it really only cost $199? Will it make me not want the N800, Foleo, OLPC or Classmate? Something tells me for $199 I'll find out. Out this fall…

Asus Eee