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Microsoft Surface Go 3

Yeah, I’m a jerk, I bought one. $379 from their website, delivered in a couple days. It booted into Windows 11 and all is good except screen sharing cuts out though after a minute or so. Wonder why? Sold the orignal Surface Go on eBay for $156.50 plus shipping.


wireless display

Every since I found out my Surface Go wasn’t Windows 11 capable, I started to plot ways to get rid of it. Well, not any more. It can function as a Wireless Display for my desktop computer! Now that I’ve started working on The Strawberry Bricks Companion, I found the need for a second display as my main monitor is filled with Adobe InDesign. A quick google search and I found that the Surface is indeed able to function as a wireless display, and here’s how:

First step is to enable the wireless display feature set for Windows on the Surface. Go to Apps>Optional Features and then search for “wireless display” and install. Next on the Surface, open Windows settings and go to Projecting to this PC. There, enable the first option to “Available Everywhere” and turn power source off. (You can adjust the specific settings as you wish, these worked for me.) That’s it for the Surface. To connect to the Surface from my desktop, I just go to Settings> Displays, find the Multiple Display option and click connect! Viola! I have two displays.

Now you may be asking, why don’t you have two monitors? Well, my original Scan Design computer desk from the late 80s isn’t that big, so I opted for one 24″ monitor. Given my eyesight (I have single vision glasses just for computer work), it fits my needs.