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sansa clip zip

Latest hardware in the fantastic Clip line from Sandisk, the "Zip" adds a 1.1″ full color screen. Identical internals as previous models, so same great sound and plays a wide range of formats. Here's some test data.

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sansa clip, part 2

The holidays weren't exactly packed with electronics. Back in November, I had ordered a 4GB Sansa Fuze from Dell. It was on sale for $50, so how could I resist? When it arrived, I gave it to my wife to wrap up for Xmas, still thinking the Fuze with it's MicroSD slot would be a step forward. You know what, it wasn't – I absolutely hated the user interface. Plus, the video feature was a pain; all files had to be converted with Sansa's Windows software before they could play on the device. And what was I going to watch on it anyway? So I sold the Fuze on eBay for $70.

I was still in love with my old Clip; compact, simple and intuitive ui, and great sound (check out this review on Anythingbutipod). A quick search found an 8GB model at Amazon UK (BSP Deals) for GBP36; that's about USD54, the same price for what 4GB models are going for in the US! Fortunately I also have a friend in the UK that could forward the package on to me (thanks Kevin!). Now I'm sitting pretty again with a new Sansa Clip, firmware 02.01.16 which now offers playback of FLAC encoded files, and 8GB of storage. Sweet.

BTW, I did pick up some headphones along the way, Sennheiser CX400. And my old 2GB Clip? I gave it to wife for Xmas so she could listen to music on her soon-to-be-revived morning commute (yeah, cheap-ass I know).

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