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root, terminal and ssh in three easy steps

Well, I bricked my Nokia by running apt-get update (more on that later). No worries, I simply reflashed the OS using the Windows flasher. Here's the steps to install root access, termnial (osso-xterm) and ssh.

1. There are two ways to get root access; first is by flashing the device into r&d mode. This requires a linux box, and downloading the flasher frorm The easier way is to install the deb package, becomeroot, from the following link:

2. To install terminal, I first had to setup a new repository in the Application Manager. This is easily accomplished by opening the Application Manager under the Tools menu, selecting Tools > Application Catalog, and entering a new repository as below:

Web Address:
Distribution: mistral
Components: free non-free

Be sure enabled is checked and let Application Manager refresh itself. Then simply refresh click on Install New Applications and select osso-xterm to install.

3. Finally, I need to install ssh. As this requires me to be root and use the terminal, the two steps above must already be completed. First, open a terminal window and switch to root by typing "sudo su -". Next, run "apt-get install ssh" to install the ssh daemon. This uses the repository we setup above.

Easy enough. Now we really have turned our 770 into linux box! But as I mentioned above, be careful when running apt-get!