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Built a computer for work this morning: Intel Core i5 650 processor, Gigabyte GA-H55M-S2V motherboard, 4GB OCZ Gold D3-1333 RAM kit, WD 500GB "Black" hard drive and LG 22x DVD burner, all in a plain TX-388 case (shown on right), with an Antec 380W Earthwatts power supply. Win7 installed quickly, will dual boot with Ubuntu (or maybe Red Hat).

Hardware cost: $450.93 (excluding sales tax)

A word about the cost. I purchased everything at my local Microcenter, but first went to NewEgg to check prices. I saved about $50 by doing that. Kudos however to Microcenter for the low price on the i5 650 – $40 less than NewEgg. A license for Windows 7 will run me about $100, so be sure to factor that cost in when deciding to make or buy, as well as a few hours of your time to assemble the parts and install the operating system. Also, I did spend time deciding exactly which parts to buy, insuring they were compatible with each other, price checking for the best deal and finally, going to the store to buy everything.

That said, a similarly equipped machine from Dell or Lenovo would run $800 or $900. Sure, you get a warranty, but, as I told the associate at Microcenter, that's my job!

PS. Why doesn't someone sell an internal 2.25-Inch 8-Ohm 0.25W Speaker?


iogear 2-port usb kvm switch

*Although I didn't buy a video card for the new box, I did spring for a new KVM switch, the IOGear 2-Port USB GCS42UW6, for $19.95 (again Microcenter price-matched NewEgg). What an excellent upgrade. The display from the Ubuntu box looks markedly improved over the old Trendnet TK-207 KVM. No flicker or noise, and no more continual need to auto adjust on my analog monitor. (Yeah, those DVI KVMs are quite pricey). And incidentally, I also noticed that the IOGear installed itself as a USB hub on the Vista machine, something the old one never did.

I'm so happy with this I'm going to give it it's own post. Hey, it's the little things in life…

flash memory card

My first purchase for the Nokia 770 Internet tablet was a new RS-MMC flash card. The unit comes with a 64MB card, but that's for little use other than creating a virtual memory swap-file. The unit itself has around 64MB of storage of userspace, so obviously adding another gig for music, pictures, movies whatever is a must.

Newegg had a 1GB card from PQI for around $27 delivered, and I had my new flash card in a few days time. Even though the card is MMC-Mobile, its fully RS-MMC compliant. Transfers to and from the card a stable although a little slower than with a SD card. In order to enable the virtual memory swap-fle, just open the Control Panel and click on Memory. When connected to any computer via a USB cable, the 770 shows up as a removable storage drive.

So, that's about the only thing I'll be purchasing for this, except for perhaps a keyboard…

Here's the link to Newegg: