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linux as as desktop

I first started using Linux to run slimserver for my Squeezebox, though I *attempted* to run versions as early as the 2.3 kernel. Since then, it's come a long way, baby. I switched from Corel Linux to Redhat to Fedora and then Ubuntu. It's become my primary desktop, my test server, and a lot more, all on my third self-assembled computer; Linux reminds me again and again why I love computers and computing.
Geek, I know.

Just some other random thoughts on Natty Narwhal:

1. Unity stinks. As in the previous post and video from Linux Journal, I too fail to see the "better" in the change to it. The Dash is not workable, and the launcher is a waste of non-configurable space. Call me a Gnome guy.

2. I've started to use Workspaces, but it begs for the panel at the top of the screen. Call me a Windows guy.

3. Banshee is one amazing media player. Now if it would only quit without having to kill it.

4. Hard to get used to both the new scroll-bars and windows going full-screen when moving the top title bar. Also, mouse has unclickable dead spots in the middle-left of the screen. It's the little things…

5. Firefox 4.0.1 is your friend, Chromium could be. Opera is still a pain to install on Linux. Why is that?