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I recently received a "pushed" webpage from Gizmo, promoting their Nokia 770-compatible software for their telephone service. I didn't navigate to the page so I'm a little concerned as to how it "magically" appeared….

At any rate, I downloaded and installed the software and signed up for the service (after figuring out that a username MUST have eight characters!). Works pretty darn good. With the complimentary $0.25 that comes with a new account, I proceded to call-out my home phone. The call went through fine, except for a short delay when I was first connected. If I wasn't in shouting distance, I think my wife would have hung up because she didn't think anyone was there. But Gizmo turns the 770 into a sufficient enough WI-FI phone, though I think a headset may be preferable. And that's pretty cool.

Of course, it would be a lot more convenient if Gizmo could talk to Skype, or if it was compatible with other IM devices (like Yahoo or MSN).

In fact, where is all the IM software for the 770? It just comes with Googletalk, which again doesn't talk to Yahoo or MSN….

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