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free television, part 2

I installed that EZ-HD antenna I purchased from Denny’s Antenna Service for the holidays. Wow, it all worked. Not the antenna, I had little doubt that would work, but all the RG6 cable in my house. The first time too! (NB: It’s a hell of a lot easier to cap f-connectors on RG6 cable than quad-shield, and according to Denny, that extra shielding is only necessary if you’re around high-voltage.) My digital converter box now enjoys great signal without any “cliff effect”, and I don’t have to adjust rabbit ears – in fact, I don’t have any rabbit ears! I also connected the antenna to my old Harmon Kardon receiver in the basement. I’ve never had better FM reception. In an age of cable and satellite television and radio subscriptions, we forget that, internet aside, both television and radio are still free. Viva!