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ubuntu 10.10 on 10/10/10

Couldn't resist the upgrade to Maverick Meerkat, Ubuntu 10.10, today, Sunday October 10th. Everything installed without incident (even though I had to power cycle because my &*& *%$* kvm quit working), and Squeezebox Server, Apache and MySQL, digital audio are all working fine. Nice new look, including to Ubuntu's website as well.

One thing I will have to do is setup the 3rd party repositories for Slimserver, Opera and Sun Virtual box. Google Chrome made the cut however.

On the web:
Ubuntu Desktop Edition

ubuntu 9.10, karmic koala

<Did the distribution upgrade on Friday. Took a while to download, as I imagine about a million others were doing the same thing. Relatively seamless, here's my notes:

1. had to change this line in /etc/fstab to get the 2nd internal drive to mount properly:
/dev/sdb1 /mnt/music ext3 rw,user,exec 1 2

2. ran this to get GDM to _not_ show list of all users (gconf doesn't work):
sudo -u gdm gconftool-2 –set –type boolean /apps/gdm/simple-greeter/disable_user_list true

3. Grip was uninstalled. Using SoundJuicer, lots to get used to.

4. Opera – no channel, but in Synaptic. Will it update?

5. Volume Control – Hardware Profile – Analog Stereo Duplex. Got it?

6. Squeezeboxserver (another new name) – uninstalled on upgrade, have to wait until it's fixed to work with MySql 5.1. Thanks Logitech. BTW, in the last year, it's changed names from slimserver to squeezecenter to squeezeboxserver.

UPDATE: Installed the testing repo and Version: 7.4.2 – r29092 @ Sat Oct 31 04:00:55 PDT 2009 has corrected the problem.

ubuntu intrepid ibex

Once again, Ubuntu provides a perfectly painless distribution upgrade to their latest release of the Linux operating system. In order to automatically get 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) from the previous long-term-support release 8.04 (Hoary Hedgehog), you’ll need to make one quick change to your Software Sources. Under the Updates tab, change Release Upgrade from “Long term support only” to “Normal releases”. Then run Update Manager, and about an hour later, you’ll be completely upgraded.

Issues? Here’s my list:

  • had to check “enable” on my cups printer
  • my audacious-crossfade plugin was removed
  • rhythmbox crashes whenever I ffwd a song (previous bug#270700)
  • brasero crashes when dragging mp3 files (previous bug#249592)
  • mixer-applet (the volume control in the menu bar I never use) ate a lot of CPU cycles
  • had to re-enable the 3rd party repository for slimserver in update manager

Wow. That’s a real short list. Thanks Mr. Shuttleworth. Next up is 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) in April.

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