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ubuntu 22.04lts jammy jellyfish

Now that the new box is built, it’s off to make it work. As previously stated, I downloaded Ubuntu 22.04 LTS on DVD, but it had issues loading. I quickly made a bootable USB drive and was off to the races. I chose a minimal install without encryption and with updates. I can’t be bothered entering a password after every reboot, let alone remotely; but foremost, there’s nothing on the computer that needs to be encrypted.

Once completed, I first got the RAID1 with my music configured by creating a mount point, adding it to /etc/fstab and made an alias for it in my home folder. I then downloaded Roon, made it executable, installed its dependencies (curl, ffmpeg, cifs-utils) and then ran the installation script. On my Windows computer, I signed into Roon Desktop (btw, remember to sign out of any previous installations), added my music libraries and – most importantly – restored the latest backup of my previous Roon Core!

Next up was getting Duckdns so I can login remotely, UFW because it’s open for remote access, and configuring SSH for my website’s production host. Most of this was simple, though I did have to temporarily enable PasswordAuthentication on the production host for keys, and I also needed to reconfigure my router with the MAC address for the new motherboard to access the computer via port forwarding.

I then set to install the applications I need. Some are little tweaks like numlockx, while others were from that list I made – Audacious, Brasero, MOC, Easytag, etc, while fre:ac was a snap. I have issues with dt14-tmeter, which has always been prickly (fixed 04/26/22), and Totem which crashes and doesn’t play correctly under Wayland. I also imported bookmarks into Firefox and did quick run through of my top sites to get their passwords remembered.

I’m on the fence about tweaking out the UI, as the older I get the less I care about having it my way: Ubuntu and Gnome are good enough out of the box. I’m sure at some point I’ll get bored and add Gnome Extensions, Tweaks, get the Snap-free Firefox, change the colors etc, but for now, the computer is fine as it is. In the meantime, I will continue to use Xorg as everything seems to run best under it, including Totem, Audacious, etc.

One the web:


linux as as desktop

I first started using Linux to run slimserver for my Squeezebox, though I *attempted* to run versions as early as the 2.3 kernel. Since then, it's come a long way, baby. I switched from Corel Linux to Redhat to Fedora and then Ubuntu. It's become my primary desktop, my test server, and a lot more, all on my third self-assembled computer; Linux reminds me again and again why I love computers and computing.
Geek, I know.

Just some other random thoughts on Natty Narwhal:

1. Unity stinks. As in the previous post and video from Linux Journal, I too fail to see the "better" in the change to it. The Dash is not workable, and the launcher is a waste of non-configurable space. Call me a Gnome guy.

2. I've started to use Workspaces, but it begs for the panel at the top of the screen. Call me a Windows guy.

3. Banshee is one amazing media player. Now if it would only quit without having to kill it.

4. Hard to get used to both the new scroll-bars and windows going full-screen when moving the top title bar. Also, mouse has unclickable dead spots in the middle-left of the screen. It's the little things…

5. Firefox 4.0.1 is your friend, Chromium could be. Opera is still a pain to install on Linux. Why is that?