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raspbian buster

Almost forgot about my Raspberry Pi 3B+ that sits connected behind my television – for maybe a few months. It’s one of those “because I can” things. I did about a zillion updates to Stretch, but after changing the sources lists to the next OS, Buster, I ran out of room on the SD card (because I had initially used N00bs to write the card). Anyway, after downloading 7Zip – mandatory for unzipping Raspbian’s Stretch package with Windows – and balenaEtcher to write the microSD card with a fresh Buster image, I was quickly back up and running with a brand new OS for my Raspberry Pi.

Once I restarted the Pi and answered a few questions (country, timezone, wifi, password, display prefs), I reboot again and proceeded with 125 more updates! I chose Raspbian Buster with Desktop, which includes a GUI, Chrome and a few apps, and is just what I need on my Pi; no need for all the “recommended” software. I must say, Buster runs like a champ and looks a lot better on my 1080p display than any previous version. Bravo Raspbian, I might even use it more often!

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