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apple internet sharing with mac airport card

One very nice feature of Apple computers with Airport cards is the ability to easily share its network connection. Here's what I had to do to get my 770 to connect to the shared internet connection from my Mac Mini at work.

1. To share you Mac network connection, go to System Preferences > Sharing > Internet and click start. You'll see an up arrow inside the Airport icon.

2. Still on the Mac, open a terminal and type "ifconfig en1". The inet address, is the router you'll need, and for your IP just increment this a digit or two. The netmask is To get the Primary DNS, type "dig". At the end of the output is a SERVER line, jot down the IP there.

3. On the 770, open Connection Manager and go to Tools > Connectivity Settings. To setup a new connection, select Connections > new and let the 770 scan and find it. Give it a name then click next a few times until you get to the Advanced tab. There, click on the IP Addresses tab, uncheck Autoretreive and fill in the information from above. When you're done, click finish.

It's not the best connection, but it will get you on-line!