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the joy of a good wireless router

New router time here at the itjerk homestead. Year by year, I’ve got more gear that needs a wireless connection, and with the big remodel of the man cave, the TV and Chromecast are two big additions: multimedia streaming. Truth be told the old wireless router wasn’t showing enough bars, and I suffered dead spots in various spots in the house.

Off to Microcenter and $20 later I came home with the Trendnet N300. Two antennae, 300mps rating, and a fresh power 5V supply, I’m in wireless heaven. It supports Dyndns, something I actually use, and was simple to setup, once I figured out my AT&T PPPOE password. Added a few DHCP fixies, and viola, more bars and less drop outs.

Note I didn’t spring for a dual or AC band router because I don’t have any wireless adapters that utilize the 5Ghz frequency. That saved me some money too!

On the web:
Trendnet TEW-731BR


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