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After spending the last decade on a standard tube and then a projector, I’ve finally made the move to high-definition television with the purchase of the LG 55B7200 LED TV. I didn’t put a whole lot of research into what brand or model to get, just took a drive down to the local Microcenter and looked around. It ends up that the store has a partnership with LG, which explains why they only carry that brand (with the exception of some cheapies like Westinghouse), and why it saved me about $200 off the lowest price I could find online. With 3 year basic warranty, the TV ran me $998 plus tax. Anyway, don’t you think that most of these boxes come out of all the same factories? Even I like the illusion of an easy decision sometimes!

The TV is 55″, 1080p, 3D, LED, etc. and has 3 HDMI inputs. The “magic remote” is quite nice, and claims to also pair as a universal remote with my other gear. It’s also a “Smart TV”, that uses WebOS, something that has its roots in the Palm devices of yesteryear (via HP). That’s all fine, but I wish it would support Adobe Flash. Went to watch a back episode of The Blacklist through the integrated web browser and couldn’t. At any rate, the apps are for the most part limiting when compared to the web versions, so I’ll be looking at Google’s Chromecast in the next few days. It was very light, maybe 40 lbs, connected to my wifi right away, and I strung a HDMI line to my Marantz home theatre receiver and coax cable from my antennae in the attic. I will want to send audio from the TV to the receiver, but need a cable!

Bottom line is the picture looks great, I didn’t break the bank to get it, and it’s very easy to use. What more to ask for?

I’ll tell you. On a recent trip to Microcenter, I saw that the price of the TV dropped $100 (to $799). I went to the service desk and lo and behold, their 30 day price guarantee put a refund back on my credit card, right then and there. Thank you Microcenter!


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