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Exercise or dieting? Well, I completed a clinical study for alternate day fasting, and lost a lot of weight. I’ve kept it off because I’ve changed my eating habits. But being active also has its part. While I was in the study, I wore an activity monitor, and the data it generated gave me an insight into my activity.

I purchased the $99 Fitbit so I could monitor my activity daily. Worn on a wrist band, it automatically captures steps, miles and “very active” minutes, calculates calories burned, and will track your sleep if you bother to manually start that mode. It also serves as a tracking device because it records your steps as they happen. So, yeah that 1246 steps at 11:25pm was coming home from the saloon!

None of this is earth shattering mind you, but more than anything Fitbit keeps me active. If I haven’t meet my daily goals, I take a walk in the evening, or with the kids. It makes me aware of my activity, which, just like stepping on a scale every morning, leads to better decisions on my part.

I’m not sure what “very active” minutes constitutes, but I’m sure it’s something my body needs. Since the basement’s remodel has begun, I’ve spent entire days working, painting, moving, etc., but none seems to count as “very active”. Is it cardio? Also, privacy freaks beware! Although Fitbit connects to your computer or smartphone via bluetooth, all the data it collects must be viewed on their website! Of course, it doesn’t verify your identity, but it is all our there.

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