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nas-ty of backups

My Seagate NAS 110 took a dive this past week. After I couldn’t print, I then noticed the NAS kept on rebooting itself. Fortunately the disk was fine and I had all my data, the problem laying somewhere in the hardware of the device. Trucked down to Microcenter where I bought a new one, this time a Buffalo product.

All of this brings up backups in general, and the power of two. When you think of all the things you need to backup, there really isn’t that many. Photos and Videos are the most obvious, because the digital era allows us to take a gazillion of them, and who prints them out anymore? What else needs to be backed up? I wrote a book, so there’s a far amount of digital goodness with that. I’m sure there’s other things that I want backed up, in fact, I usually just put them on a backup drive and forget what I even have there!

Here’s where the power of two comes in: At a minimum, you need two of everything. Your backup will fail, just as my NAS did. Your hard drive may fail, as I’ve had happen before. Those flash drives? Fail. Hell, I even accidentally deleted some folders once. Recently. Ouch.

I like a NAS drive because all my computers can connect to it, so it centralizes the location of my data. That’s good and bad, good when it works, bad when it fails. I also use Dropbox for some things (current writings), DVDs for completed projects, and a portable HD for things I don’t want others to see.

Just remember. Have at a minimum of two copies of everything. One will vanish, when you least expect it.

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