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logitech’s squeezebox, rip

Logitech leaves Squeezebox fans wondering what's next

Sad news indeed, but Logitech has put the death squeeze on the entire Squeezebox line. Good news is that the software (Logitech Media Server formerly SlimServer, SqueezeCenter and Squeezebox Server) will live on in some form or another (as it is licensed under the GNU General Public License), but bad news is they own the patents? for the devices and their firmware. Will someone come along and buy the line? Will the old SlimDevices team buy it back? Will someone integrate SqueezeBox functionality into, say a universal player like Oppo, or setup box like Roku? We can only hope…

Editorial: I am reminded of all the pro-Logitech zealots at this time, and all I can say is I told you so. No armchair quarterbacking either, theirs was nothing but vitriol and contempt to my protestations towards the big giant. The big corporate purchase may have been good for SlimDevices, but what analyst wouldn't have figured that this was a niche device?

In the meantime, off to eBay to find an old v3?

Here are a few Squeezebox alternatives:
For Android SqueezePlayer
Java player SoftSqueeze
Software player Squeezeslave
Slimserver Community Page


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