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Ubuntu 11.10

Did the distribution upgrade to Ubuntu 11.10 on Thursday. Unity is now the default desktop. Yes, it's different, but so is Gnome 3.0. (which is as easy to install as sudo apt-get install gnome-shell). I'm not fond of the Mac-like "global menu", and switching between open windows is a pain – there's just some dots on Dash. It's also not that configurable – just check out CompizConfig Settings Manager. I mean, what if you don't want to save recent documents?

Took the computer a few boots for Ubuntu to recognize my Intel® G33 x86/MMX/SSE2 graphics. Unity still is not that happy, and it looks like I'm stuck running the 2D version. Anyway, it is functional enough and I'm going to get used to it, especially if I can get Nautilus to stop crashing all the time (is this the nautilus-open-terminal bug?)!

BTW, only application hiccup was that I needed to upgrade Squeezebox Server from 7.6.x to version RC 7.7.x – now called Logitech Media Server.

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