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note to self

how to backup site to local test server:

0. Delete the imagecache (less to d/l), and check users.
1. 6.x only: Site Configuration>Adminstration Menu: Turn off Clean Urls and switch File System to private
2. Content Mangement>Backup and Migrate: Advance, no compression; then download
3. Download files: sites* and replace locally (not settings.php !!! which is -r-xr-xr-x) then
sudo chown -R www- sites/default/files
4. mysql -u username -p drupal < db.sql (latter is backup, use db pword)
5. fix ?q= in links
6. delete users

up to upgrade drupal 6.x
sudo cp -R drupal-6.24/* /var/www/drupal/ (remove sites from download first!)
sudo cp -R drupal-7.23/* /var/www/drupal/


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