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Can you believe it? The old wireless router went bad. Couldn't stream FLAC files to my Squeezebox, and even some MP3/OGG files would drop out. Off to the newly remodeled Microcenter and found this one: Trendnet 432BRP. Yes, it's only offers "g", but I only have "g" wireless devices. Total price $21.97 priced matched with NewEgg PLUS a $20 rebate – that about makes it free! It features with an Energy Star wall wart and supports all the things I needed from a router. I did have to update the firmware on the router right away, which fixed a problem with date/years.

A couple of notes about setting a wireless router. First, use channels 1, 6, or 11, and test the strength on each. Channels do overlap, and this can be especially problematic if like me, you live in a high-density area. I must have about 25 ssids I can identify from my living room! Second, use WPA security, please. People will find and use your bandwidth. Finally, be sure to change the default password for your router, otherwise, it can be hacked quite easily.

And yes, my Squeezebox is streaming happily once again!


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