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webmail and the death of the email client

I know this isn't a great revelation, but it's become quite obvious that web-based email is the way to go. Of course, when I first got email a long time ago, I usually checked it from just one (1) computer. The email client was a good proposition, if not the only one. But now there's so many more places to check email: home, laptop, work, smartphone, etc. that I'm making the switch to webmail for all my email needs. And web-based clients, thanks in part to the rise of Gmail, are refined to the point where they outshine the software clients. So with portability, unlimited capacity, and the ability to check multiple accounts, there's little reason to use a computer-bound POP or IMAP client. I'll miss my little Thunderbird, but not that much.

I've also realized that the number of email accounts I have is far too many. How many do I really need? 1) A primary personal account, 2) one for my website, and perhaps 3) a throwaway account, for those I don't want to give out my name/email address to (though this could be done with an alias). BTW, my work email is an island unto itself. I only use it at work and for work. My wife doesn't even know it.

I've also decided to switch my primary email from the Ameritech/SBC Global/Yahoo!/AT&T account I've had for nearly 10 years to Gmail. Why? It's such a major annoyance to log into Yahoo! EVERY time I open a browser. One really has to wonder what the (not so) good folks at Yahoo! were thinking when they implemented that feature.

Goodbye Yahoo!, hello Gmail.

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