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flash memory card

My first purchase for the Nokia 770 Internet tablet was a new RS-MMC flash card. The unit comes with a 64MB card, but that's for little use other than creating a virtual memory swap-file. The unit itself has around 64MB of storage of userspace, so obviously adding another gig for music, pictures, movies whatever is a must.

Newegg had a 1GB card from PQI for around $27 delivered, and I had my new flash card in a few days time. Even though the card is MMC-Mobile, its fully RS-MMC compliant. Transfers to and from the card a stable although a little slower than with a SD card. In order to enable the virtual memory swap-fle, just open the Control Panel and click on Memory. When connected to any computer via a USB cable, the 770 shows up as a removable storage drive.

So, that's about the only thing I'll be purchasing for this, except for perhaps a keyboard…

Here's the link to Newegg:

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